Narcissu Visual Novel Review


Hey, do you want to be depressed? Than Narcissu is the visual novel for you!

Some art is taken from Side 2, I will review that separately… Maybe.



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After the unnamed protagonist (at least in the game itself from what I remember) is diagnosed with a terminal illness, he is brought into a hospital for those who also have terminal illnesses. He soon meets a girl named Sakura Setsumi, who is a very pessimistic girl and is also a few years older than him. After they steal some car keys, they go on a road trip, experiencing the world before they die.

[My crappy plot description]

The story is really sad. However, unlike a Key game which will make you cry, Narcissu couldn’t get any tears out of me, but made me depressed. Similar to other VNs like Swan Song or White Album 2.



Narcissu is like Planetarian, because there are only two characters, and the main character is unnamed.


(no pictures available that don’t spoil anything)

Protagonist (Atou Yuu)

The protagonist is one of the reasons this game is so depressing. He’s a very altruistic person, but seems to have given up hope for the future. I like the protagonist, but I think some things could have been more developed about him.



Sakura Setsumi

The main female character of this VN. Setsumi is similar to the protagonist, but even more depressing. She’s lost all hope for the future. Despite how she looks, she’s actually older than the protagonist by a few years. Also she’s a coodere, so I obviously love her. She’s the main reason I enjoyed this VN.




Narcissu is very different from other visual novels, because it doesn’t have things like character sprites. Typically a visual novel uses sprites to convey emotions, and occasionally uses CGs. Personally, I dislike the presentation of Narcissu, since the character designs are very nice.



The soundtrack mostly exists to carry you through the story. It’s not something I would personally recommend listening to alone, mostly because it will make you feel really sad.

As for voice acting, Setsumi’s the only voice we really hear, and it’s really well done. It’s a very calming voice and is also very cute.




While you may think otherwise, I did really enjoy Narcissu. And for a free visual novel, it’s the best one out there. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t play it, and it’s a very good gateway VN.


Scenario:  9 x 2=18

Characters: 7×3=21

Art: 7

Sound: 8

Enjoyment: 8×3=24

Overall: 78/100


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