Might be doing these in-between reviews. I am currently working on a Narcissu review, so I hope this can hold the 2 people who read this blog over.

I WAS playing G-senjou no Maou, but since Darkness Hero Rance (Sengoku Rance mod) came out, I’ve been mostly playing that.

So I’ll be splitting this into categories:

Currently Playing (Visual Novels): Rance VI, Muv-Luv (re-reading), G-senjou no Maou (sorta)

Currently Playing (Video Games): Huniepop (re-playing), Darkness Hero Rance (Sengoku Rance Mod)

Currently Reading (Manga): Nothing

Currently Reading (Light Novels): Nothing

Currently Reading (Non-Japanese Books): Catching Fire (Re-Reading)

Currently Watching (Anime): Shugo Chara!, Little Busters!

Currently Watching (Non-Japanese Shows): Total Drama Island


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