Rance VI -Zeth Housai- (Rance VI-ゼス崩壊-) Review


When going into Rance VI, I didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that this is Rance, so it should be good. And, oh boy, my expectations were blown out of the water.



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“Set in the year LP0004, Rance and Sill travel to the Magic Kingdom of Zeth because they ran out of money once more. However, after offending a high-ranked minister and magic user named Radon, Rance is ironically thrown into the slave camp while his magic-using slave Sill is treated as a VIP.

Vowing vengeance, he eventually escapes with the help of an underground resistance group called Ice Flame. Currently Zeth is an extremely un-equal country, with magic users being the only real citizens and the non-magic users treated much like slaves with virtually no rights. Only groups like Ice Flame and the more violent and extreme group known as Pentagon, and perhaps the mysterious King of Zeth try to fight this cruel status quo.

Rance joins the group in order to get his revenge against the mages of the government of Zeth, and be reunited with Sill “while he’s at it”.”

[Stolen from Alicesoft Wiki]

How do I describe how great this scenario is? Rance has always been a series that is has a wonderful plot. This is one of my favorites in the series. While some things are kinda dumb, I feel as if that’s the intent.



Some minor spoilers ahead. Nothing will ruin the game, but you may assume things that happen based on their appearances in said game.



The main character of this tale. Rance is the opposite of your typical RPG protagonist. He’s a selfish pervert, who could care less about anyone who isn’t a girl.

Despite this, Rance can be a very nice guy. He will help others out (if they’re a cute girl), and still does things like save the world.

He’s definitely my favorite character in the series, and one of the best characters ever.


Sill Plain

Rance’s mage slave who he purchased a number of years ago. Despite this, she still is happy to be with him, and will obey any of his orders. She’s generally very cheerful, and will help anyone, much to the displeasure of Rance. There’s a lot of people who don’t like Sill, but I think she’s really cute and a great counterpart to Rance.


Urza Pranaice

The leader of Ice Flame. She is a very frail girl, who doesn’t seem to have a will to live. Despite this, she still remains polite and reserved. At first, I didn’t like Urza, but I fell in love with her after learning her backstory and after a certain scene.


Masou Shizuka

Shizuka is the “Witch of Custom.” She is exceedingly cold, especially with Rance. So yeah, she’s obviously a character I like.

However, she does still get along very well with her best friend Maria Custard.

Shizuka gets a lot more development in this game. She’s definitely my favorite female character in Rance VI.


Kentou Kanami

Kanami is the personal ninja of the queen of Leazas, Lia Parapara Leazas. She claims to hate Rance, however, she does seem to have an obvious crush on him. Yes, Kanami is another tsundere in the game.

She gets teased by Rance a lot, since she’s super weak when compared to other ninjas like Kaoru.

I really like Kanami, however, she’s appeared in every Rance game besides 5D, so I naturally got very attached to her.


Maria Custard

Maria is a former magic user, however, she’s moved over to engineering. She is really obsessed with her canon she made herself, the Tulip. I like to compare her love of the Tulip to my love of visual novels.

Maria is one of Shizuka’s few friends because they went to school together.

She’s generally cheery and nerdy. Like with Kanami and Shizuka, Maria has showed up in almost every game in the series, so I also got very attached to her.

Also, gameplay-wise, she’s the best character. Support Shot is completely broken. It has a chance to fire after an allie’s attack, making the game MUCH easier.


Patton Misnarge

Patton is the former prince and true heir of Helman. He goes to Zeth to do more training after the ending of Rance 03 (or Rance III at the time). However, he ends up in the same slave dungeon Rance starts out in.

While Rance stopped Patton’s plans in the past, he still stays respectful of him. Patton’s also one of the few men who Rance is friends with.

I really like him, he has truly gone through TONS of development throughout the years.

Patton is a polite man who is obsessed with getting stronger. He definitely doesn’t fit the definition of a prince.



Copadon Dott

Copadon is a girl who’s obsessed with money and luck. She is the leader of the Dott Corporation, and is very involved in economics. She is very cheery, and is in love with Rance, after learning that his fortune is “Great Luck.”

I really like Copa. She was kinda meh at first in 5D, but I like her much more now.



Sel Catchgolf

Sel is a priestess of the AL Church and specializes in healing. She is very dedicated to her job, but is still kind to pretty much everyone. She, like Sill, believes Rance has some good in him, even if her efforts to change him are futile.

I know I’ve been saying that I like a lot of these characters, but I do really like Sel. In general, I think Rance has one of the best character casts ever. It also helps that many of these characters appear in many games, so I naturally get attached to them.



One of the members of the Legendary Five. However, after certain events, he has been turned into a sword. Many people have tried to wield him in the past, but due to his perverted side, they have given up. But since Chaos and Rance are so similar personality-wise, they work together perfectly fine. Though Sel doesn’t like his antics, and thinks he’s dangerous. Pretty much anyone who likes Rance, will also like Chaos. They compliment each other very well.


Rizna Lanfibitt

Rizna is a women who Rance met when trapped in Genbu’s Castle in Rance 5D. Rizna has been recovering from all the events that happened in her past. Yeah, despite how young she looks, Rizna is actually over 50 years old. Anyways, she is very naive and easily tricked, even if she’s trying to get better at that. Yeah, she hasn’t improved that much…

Rizna is also very sensitive, so there are plenty of lewd scenes with her.

If there’s one word to describe Rizna, it would be: MOE!!!


Sanakia Drelskaf

A knight from an old fallen kingdom that Rance met in the past. Much like Rizna, Sanakia is much older than she appears, being over 200 years old.

She is very stubborn and prideful, and is a bit of a tomboy. So yes, she is another tsundere. I would complain about that fact, but all these characters have justifiable reasons to be tsun.


Rocky Bank

Rocky is another man whom Rance met in the slave dungeon. Rocky claims that Rance is his master, and will do anything he says. Rance really hates him, because he’s a guy, but still keeps him around, probably because he’s useful.

Rocky is awesome, and a total bro. Even if he’s not the best combat-wise (at least compared to some of the other characters like Rick or Maria), he’s a really cool guy.


Kaoru Quincy Kagura

A member of Ice Flame that specializes in Jitsu. She is also (Rance VI spoilers). I don’t know if that’s supposed to be a twist, since it’s shown early on, but I’m censoring that just in case.

Kaoru is very mature and calm women, unless something extreme is happening. She will easily agree to things that Rance tells her to do, just because she knows it’s going to happen anyways.


Caloria Cricket

The last remaining Insect User, besides the Dark Lord Galtia. She is very, very, VERY moe. Caloria is exceedingly kind, like giving the party an antidote when Kaoru get poisoned. She really seems to like Rance, and also gets along well with Rocky. Since she’s always lived in isolation, she is very innocent, but attaches herself to people easily.

I love Caloria, she is, as I previously mentioned, moe!

There are many more characters, but they’re either spoiler-ific, or part of the supporting cast. Overall, I love the character cast of the Rance series, and I love almost every one of them.



The art is fairy nice. It’s nothing special, but it’s still good. There are quite a lot of CGs, especially for a Rance game. Usually, they only have about 100-200 CGs. This has about 400.

The character sprites are also very nice. This, 5D, and IX are the only games in the series that have many character sprites. In Sengoku, Kichikuou, and Quest, they have only 1-2 expressions per character.


Like usual there is no voice acting, but who cares, the OST is amazing! I would consider this to be one of the best OSTs AliceSoft has to offer. Definitely keep the sound on when playing.



I loved Rance VI. It was so much fun, and almost everything is nearly perfect. If you want a great visual novel with gameplay, check this out!


Scenario:  9 x 2=18

Characters: 10×3=30

Art: 8

Sound: 10

Enjoyment: 9×3=27

Overall: 93/100



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